AUBURN, Calif. (NBC) -- Darlene King of Auburn, California was smiling Wednesday evening as she held the lost wedding ring that belonged to her late husband.

She shook hands with Steven and Shannon Callahan, to thank them for mounting a media campaign to find the owner of the ring.

King said the band must have fallen off her husband's hand about five years ago, before they sold their Pontiac Grand Am, which they purchased in El Paso, Texas.

King moved to California in 2009, and her husband, Thomas, passed away in February of this year.

The Callahans said it took three weeks before they reached a garage which used to service the car and knew the location of King.

King said she plans to give the ring, with five diamond chips, to her son in Portland, Oregon as a memento of his father.

King said she was amazed that the Callahans could track her down by determining which auto repair shop had serviced the vehicle in the past.

"They found out so much about me. They probably know what I had for lunch," she said.

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