PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The city council will take up a proposal Monday night to allow food trucks in the city.

The new regulations would allow food trucks to operate overnight from 10 p.m. from 6 a.m. anywhere in the city, as long as they are at least 65 feet away from the entrance to other restaurants. During the daytime hours from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. the trucks would be restricted to places where there aren't a lot of restaurants, like the Bayside neighborhood, and industrial parks.

A special task force has been working on the ordinance for months. Portland already got a taste of food trucks when the Food Network reality show "the Great Food Truck Race" taped its season finale in the Old Port. City Councilor Ed Suslovic says food trucks are the next logical step for a city that is becoming known around the country for great food. Despite concerns from some restaurant owners about competition, Suslovic says there is room in the city for both.

"A lot of the bricks and mortar restaurateurs recognize that the food trucks really are a different market than what they serve," Suslovic said. "It wouldn't surprise me if some of our existing restaurants in Portland open up food trucks to tap into new markets and to develop customers that might then want to come to their sit down restaurant."

The first reading of the food truck ordinance is Monday night. A public comment session and a final council vote are scheduled for July 16th.

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