BROOKLYN, NY (NBC) - Residents in one Brooklyn neighborhood say their streets are overrun with raccoons. They say the raccoons are creating a health hazard by spreading trash across entire city blocks and leaving behind piles of droppings that host parasitic roundworms.

The Greenwood Heights community wants the city to intervene.

Residents blame the warm spring for an explosion in the raccoon population near Prospect Park and Green-Wood Cemetery.

Animal Care & Control, a non-profit contracted by the city, only removes raccoons if they are deemed dangerous, sick or hurt.

Fed up residents have launched a letter-writing campaign urging the City Council to amend the law and require the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to trap and remove the critters.

A spokesperson for the city agency said "While raccoons cause property damage and are a nuisance for NYC Residents, raccoons that are not sick or injured generally do not pose a threat to human health."

Currently city residents must trap the animals themselves or pay a private company hundreds of dollars to do the job.

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