BELFAST, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Pilot gigs have been around since the days of the sailing ships. They are 32-foot, six-person row boats used to ferry pilots, dignitaries and even contraband from ship to shore or back.

The boats are the property of Come Boating, a group of enthusiast who want to get as many people as they can on the water.

Belfast's best team is considered the best on the East Coast. In fact, they're tenacity seems to have other people to take up the oar.

"That's what led people to row strong, hard and well," said Come Boating President Jonathan Fulford. "That has led to, I think, the community rowing program to be better too."

The pilot gigs go out 20 times a week under the auspices of 19 volunteer coxswains. People of all ability levels are encouraged to give it a go. There are programs for kids as well as one team comprised of people who are reentering society after incarceration.

Come boating will host a rowing regatta on August 18.

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