AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER)--Gymnasts as this Maine school followed the U. S. Women's Gymnastics Team with particular passion. They gathered for a sleep over at Mainely Gymnastics and cheered their heroes as they won gold.

"It's kind of exciting to get everybody together and idscover the sport itself," said second-generation gym owner Delani Evans.

About a hundred girls turned out for the party which was highlighted by the high-flying effort of the U. S. women.

"I like Gabby," said Kami Lambert. Although each member of the U. S. team had fans in this audience.

When swimming came on the screen, the gymnasts would jump on the apparatus and do flips, twirls and spins. When the TV monitor showed gymnasts, they would hustle back in front of the monitors.

When the United States won, the young gymnasts burst out into a resounding chant of "U. S. A.!"

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