ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER)--Researchers at the University of Maine have new evidence that women in positions of power are more likely to be sexually harassed than anyone else in a workplace.

Chair of Sociology at Umaine Amy Blackstone is co-author of "Sexual Harassment Workplace Authority and the Paradox of Power". In the article Blackstone published the results of a survey in which One thousand men and woman were questioned over a period of 12 years.

The study found that sexual harassment is most often done by males against other males or males against females. As many as 45 percent of men and 70 percent of women experience sexual harassment at work.

Women in positions of power are 138 percent more likely to be harassed then other women.

If you are being sexually harassed experts say to maintain supportive workplace relationshisps, dont allow yourself to be socially isolated at work, ask for help and become familiar with company policies on harassment.

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