RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (KVEO) -Across Texas' Rio Grande Valley several booths were set up to help folks register to vote on Tuesday as part of National Voter Registration Day.

One gentlemen is the first in line and registering for the first time.

"Just recently, I became a U.S. citizen, four months ago," said Jose Alfaro.

Alfaro is part of the growing Hispanic demographic; a demographic that dominates the Valley.

"The Hispanic community is becoming quickly the largest community in Texas, so this is a historical moment. In the past our communities have been in a less important position, now they are in an important position," said Michael Seifert of Equal Voice.

While voter turn out in Hidalgo County during the primaries was high, community groups like Equal Voice and ARISE believe it could be better.

So they are hitting the streets, trying to tap into the untapped vote.

"The list that we have here is the people that never vote and it's the people that need help to understand, and we explain to them. Why you not voting? Do you need transportation, do you need more information," said Ramona Casas of ARISE.

Some of the people were already registered, but many weren't.

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