BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- A high school experiment is underway to collect data that could be used in predicting future weather conditions and tracking Maine's weather trends. Students at Bangor High's STEM Academytook advantage toThursday's clear skies to launch weather balloons.

Freshman, Conor Thompson, said, "I think it helps me learn better than lectures...We are going to be sending this all up and be analyzing the data as a class later."

University of Maine partnered with the students to give them hands on experience in the field. Studentswill collect the data and compare it to past research projects.

The STEM academy provides students with a concentration in math and science.

Ted Taylor is a teacher at the STEM academy, "We have a big interest in students getting interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics."

Students helped build the weather balloon, research the necessary components and compare the data to past research projects.

Taylor said, "They had to put the sensors together. They had to know how to use the sensors. They had to know how to use them and collect data...A lot of things to actually see and not just read from the text books."

The balloon was scheduled for a two hour flight. The group says it landed in the Jonesboro area.

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