PITTSFIELD, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The number of bald eagles in Maine are growing at a tremendous rate. Three years ago they were taken off the endangered species list and they seem to be a common sight around the state. Two weeks ago, one bald eagle was struck by a semi-truck and nearly lost its life.

Carolyn Richens answered the call to rescue the bald eagle that was wrapped around the truck's side mirror, "Just picture a bird just hanging by it's neck. This bird I believe weighed almost 9.4 lbs. when we brought it in....just hanging."

Richens and her husband took the injured eagle to Avian Haven, a non-profit that cares for birds. Doctors saw only minor injuries and the eagle was kept for two weeks.

Brad Allen with Maine's Fish and Wildlife said this is not a common occurrence, "A lot of these accidents and the fact that this bird ended up at Avian Haven, most don't have such a happy ending."

The bald eagle was released in Pittsfield Tuesday afternoon. Richens had the honor of releasing the five year old, female eagle.

"The excitement...it literally took my breath away especially seeing that white head gleaming and going up into that blue sky. She's OK and she's free," expressed Richens.

The eagle was released near a known eagle's nest to help in her adapt back into the wild.

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