SACO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - It is one of the least reported crimes in Maine. Even when law enforcement authorities become aware of it, it is often difficult to bring those responsible to justice. It's fraud.

Today police, Maine's attorney general, businesses and non profit agencies announced they are joining forces to create awareness of the problem here in Maine and to educate to peopleon how toprotect themselves from becoming victims.

The group is called the Maine Fraud Protection Alliance and today members announced the start of a program called DASH. Each letter of DASH represents things you can do to protect yourself. D is delete unsolicited e-mails. A is ask to see a permit from door to door sales people. S is shred junk mail.H is hang up unsolicited phone calls.

"This community based initiative will be so effective because the partners here today interact with local people in the ordinary course of daily life and unfortunately the ordinary course of daily life is exactly the context that the most damaging fraud targets and exploits", said Maine Attorney General William Schneider.

Experts say the key to stopping fraud is protecting yourself. If the scammers can't get to you, then they can't defraud you.

For more information vsist theDASHfraud program website.

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