BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The Bangor Humane Society is 1 of 50 animal shelters across the country competing in theASPCA Rachael Ray 100K challenge which could bring thehumane society as much as $100,000, if it wins.

The contest started August 1, and lasts until October 31. Stacey Coventry from the Bangor Humane Society said to win the $100,000 grand prize the humane society would have to have the largest net gain of adoptions. It is hoping to get two other prizes. Coventry said the humane society is hoping to get the $25,000 community engagement award for the best community support and an additional $5,000 for adopting out 1,200 pets.

"We have lots of renovations needed to do to make animals be healthier while they're in the building especially with the number of cats we get. We also have lots of plans to increase our outreach so we could grow our foster families," Coventry said

WLBZ 2is teaming up with the Bangor Humane Society to help them reach their goal. Every night during the 6 p.m. news for the rest of the month WLBZ 2will feature a pet to be adopted.

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