AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Maine Department of Corrections is looking into changing some of its policies after four inmates have escaped from state prisons over the last several months.

Two inmates escaped from the Charleston Correctional Facility back in July, a prisoner escaped from a work site after being held at the Central Maine Pre-Release Center in Hallowell last month, and the most recent escape came just a few weeks ago when an inmate escaped for the Bolduc Correctional Facility in Warren.

The Department of Corrections says it's reviewing each escape individually, and it's working with the National Institute of Corrections in looking at its policies.

Commissioner Joseph Ponte says the department will be changing the way inmates are evaluated when they are first admitted to the system.

"We are developing a new classification tool that takes all those things into consideration. It takes your prior criminal history, your current criminal history, what you've done while incarcerated, if you needed drug treatment, did you go to drug treatment, so all the pieces of an offender's life prior to coming to us, recent incarceration, and everything he's done while with us, and that gives us a risk factor," Ponte said.

Commissioner Ponte says nearly 40 inmates have already been moved from minimum security facilities to higher security prisons after the department has reviewed some of its policies.

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