(NEWS CENTER) -- Police in Massachusetts have a man in custody for drug trafficking. The Penobscot District Attorney has filed an arrest warrant to get that man sent to Maine so he can be tried on charges of attempted murder, arson and criminal threatening.

Police say on July 22nd of this year, 25-year-old Oscar Nunez shot a gun at a house in Orrington and tried to burn it down. Nunez denied the claims but officers say they have physical evidence linking him to the crimes.

Court documents state that Nunez was angry that someone was moving in on the area where he sold drugs. Police also suspect that Nunez is part of a Dominican drug ring that was selling cocaine in Bangor.

No one was hurt in the fire police say Nunez started but two people were inside the house at the time. Police are also looking for a man that may have helped Nunez with the crimes.

If you know anything about the incident you can call the Penobscot Sheriff's Department at 945-4636.

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