NEWPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The school district that encompasses Newport and some surrounding towns has some difficult financial decisions to make. RSU 19 is looking to take out a $3.6 million loan to help pay its bills for the current fiscal year.

Superintendent Gregory Potter said if RSU 19 does not get the loan, it would not have enough money to pay all of its bills by mid December.

The district has already cut $800,000 from its budget and Potter said if it does not get the loan, the district would have to cut spending by an additional $2.5-$3 million, which could have an immediate impact on students.

"If the answer is no, then we begin a extremely aggressive cash management process. Which again is a process of deciding what bills we can pay and not pay, period," Potter said.

Potter said there will be a public meeting on the loan at 10 o'clock Saturday morning at Sebasticook Valley Middle School. Administrators will discuss the financial troubles the district is in and the public will be able to ask questions.

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