BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Several were in attendance for the Third Annual Breast Cancer Symposium at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bangor today.One topic of discussion wasnew research thathas been introduced that involves not a drug, but a mouse.

The event is a yearly update on breast cancer treatment that brings several experts in medical, radiation, and surgical oncology together to discuss new research and treatment. Eastern Maine Medical Center (EMMC)and The Jackson Laboratory joined forces to make the event possible. One popular topic of discussion was the idea of using mice to test live tumors taken from patients participating in cancer research programs at EMMC. To date, more than 35 tumors have been used for research from the program.

According to Dr. Edison Liu of The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, today's symposium is the best way for industry professionals to come together and work towards finding a cure. "Cancers are so unusual in the sense that every cancer is different from the other. There are some similarities, however in order to personalize the care you're going to have to know all the component parts and this is one of the ways to go about doing it," says Dr. Liu of the symposium.

Last year 1,100 women in the state of Maine were diagnosed with breast cancer.

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