BIDDEFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Ever since Zumba instructor Alexis Wright was charged with prostitution, people have been using the word "Zumba" as a punch line.

Biddeford Zumba teacher Vickkie Parent has heard the jokes. But, she said, they're not funny to her anymore. Parent said every time she goes out in her car that advertises her Zumba studio, she gets dirty looks, comments like, "Is that HER?" or jokes about the fact that she charges $5 a class.

She said people need to understand that Zumba is a legitimate workout, and she's put a lot of effort into becoming a certified teacher. Parent said, "It is my livelihood. It is my job. And it's personal to me. People talking about Zumba. The comments, they're just rude; they're just mean."

Parent said she doesn't want to take the Zumba stickers off of her car because she's proud of what she does, and she wants to show that Zumba is a real exercise program.

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