From Bill's blog:

Our final story tonight is on Chris Montagna. He collects and preserves battle ribbons and medals with special consideration given to the World War II era. He's an interesting guy and I really appreciate the effort he is making. I met Chris through our mutual interest in John Presnell. John was a West Point First Captain (top cadet) who graduated in 1939. He was sent to Bataan where he fought and was eventually surrendered. He was in POW camps for more than three years. We have anecdotal evidence that he worked hard on behalf of Allied prisoners and often mistreated by his Japanese captors. He died in early 1945, about eight months before the war ended. John's medals have resurfaced in North Carolina. I understand that his sister lived there until her death a few years ago. Perhaps that is the way his medals got to the North Carolina collector who felt they should be in Maine and sent them to Chris. Anyway, they've now been sent to Chris who promises to be their caretaker until it's his turn to pass them on.

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