PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- On the last Sunday before election day, people on both sides of the campaign to legalize same-sex marriage worked to drum up last-minute support.

Much of the opposition to Question 1 has come from churches and religious leaders. But Sunday, people of faith spoke out on both sides of the issue.

Baptist Pastor Jason Stoeber of Westbrook Baptist Church says it's important to vote according to biblical values.

"Everyone has a standard of right and wrong, whether that's what I think, or what you think, and we just choose to base our standard on the Bible," Stoeber said. "So that's just what we strive to do, and our faith certainly has a massive impact on that."

But supporters of same-sex marriage disagreed at a vigil in Portland Sunday. Organizer Anne Underwood is Catholic, and says that although her church has denounced gay marriage, her conscience tells her otherwise.

"There are so many people who have said the spirit of God is a God of all-inclusive love, and that voice needs to be heard" Underwood said.

According to a Critical Insights poll conducted last week, same-sex marriage supporters have a thirteen percent-point lead over opponents, fifty-five to forty-two percent with three percent undecided.

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