Palermo, ME (NEWS CENTER)-- On a sweltering hot day in 2004, Jeff Malloy blacked out while working on a ladder. He fell on his head and was paralyzed. Part of his effort to rebuild his life involves a shooting system which enables this passionate outdoorsman to get back into the field.

Jeff went about getting an education and learning a new trade; drafting. He designed more than 60 parts for his Equalizer Adaptive Shooting System. A machinist friend named Ray Kimball put it all together. Jeff calls Ray, "The mastermind behind the system."

The good engineering makes a Jeff a super marksman. The weapon is mounted on a bench which a attaches to the wheelchair. A joy stick enables the shooter to move the cross hairs to the target. A puff on a straw causes the weapon to discharge.

Proof of its capability hangs on Jeff's wall. He shot a four-point buck on November 12, 2011 and has been enjoying his days in the field this fall.

The Equalizer Adaptive Shooting System will retail for $8000. Jeff is looking forward to marketing it. Part of that effort will be looking for grants so that hunters with disabilities can be equipped at minimal or no cost.

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