PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (WJAR) -A Rhode Island college student found herself in a real tight spot early Saturday.

"One of our friends was walking by and heard this girl screaming for help, then all of a sudden we saw fire trucks and ambulances and police officers show up," says witness Simon Swig.

That screaming was coming from 22-year-old Courtney Malloy.

She was stuck five feet from the end of an extremely narrow eight-inch alleyway running between two buildings.

"It appears she was trying to make her way through the alley, and it got too tight for her and she kept trying to get in," said Acting Battalion Chief Jeffrey Varone of the Providence Fire Department. "She wedged herself in, about 24 inches off the ground, in a horizontal position."

Rescue crews worked from the roof, the ends of the alley, and even inside the buildings to free her.

Those attempts failed.

"Eventually one of the firefighters that likes to run, a lot was able to work himself into that area, and assist in removing her," Chief Varone said.

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