PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - In the last year, Pinterest has become a haven for sharing recipes and crafts. There has been quite a surge with people looking for the best holiday themed ideas.

We've decided to join in the Pinterest theme of "30 Days of Pinsperation" throughout the holidays. We've created a WCSH6 "all Things Holidays" Pinterest board on our Pinterest account. We're posting our holiday ideas, recipes and stories there. Some of these are new stories that we've been doing over the last few weeks and others are recipes we've done over the last few years.

Here is our Pinterest holiday board:PINTEREST

Butterball is famously known for their hotline for turkey advice, but you say they've got a great social media resource too. They have a few boards on Pinterest that are really handy. There is a board on expert cooking advice, recipes for all the left over, or just just cute Thanksgiving craft ideas.


The folks at suggested a handy app one called "KitchenPad" it does cost 99 cents, but what's it's really helpful if you have multiple things cooking at once. So we can set five different timers, with various options for the stove top, then we can set four more different timers for anything you put in the oven. You can set different styles of the heat your cooking with as a reminder and you can choose various sound effects for the alarms.


Another app is more for the traveler. If you've still got to drive to your location for Thanksgiving, then download the "GasBuddy" app. This is a free app, that will use your current location to find the cheapest gas near you. The information is supplied by other users of the app. So when you get to a gas station, report the gas prices you see to help others. There is a spot there that will tell you the last time it was updated.


Here's an app for the leftovers. "Still Tasty" is a $1.99 to download, but you can go to their website for free and get the same info. I like this because it helps identify how long something can stay in your fridge or on the shelf.


And not to be outdone, Google has a Thanksgiving collection to help out as well. It's a pretty handy way to quickly check a flight, do a family hang out with Google + or most helpful is help for cooking. Including a good collection of YouTube videos of how to do one thing or another for Thanksgiving or even join a live cooking lesson over a hangout. There is also a way to help you get ready for Black Friday deals and be plugged in for any and all football updates.


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