BAKERSFIELD, California (KGET) --12-year-old Nathan Garcia is battling brain cancer, and, unfortunately, things have taken a turn for the worse.

He's hoping to make it to his 13th birthday just over a week from now, but not for gifts he'll get. He wants to collect toys for other kids in the hospital, while he fights on from home.

Nathan had a dream of playing for USC. His room is filled with football trophies and autographed reminders. But, that dream has been put on hold as Nathan battles stage four brain cancer.

"He's a warrior," said Jessica Garcia, Nathan's mom. "He's a fighter. And, he's a hero and an inspiration to a lot of people."

When Nathan could still talk, he made his birthday plans.

"He had told me that for his birthday, he wanted to give toys back to kids who needed it," said Jessica.

On December 17th, Nathan's 13th birthday, he wants to have collected so many toys, he can give them to other kids still in the hospital.

How many does he want? Nathan says he wants thousands.

"This is Nathan's wish and we want to make it happen for him," said Michael Garcia, Nathan's father.

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