SKOWEHEGAN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A murder case that went unsolved for more than 30-years was put to rest today when Jay Mercier of Industry was sentenced to 70-years for the murder of Rita St. Peter.

The woman was just 20-years old when Mercier killed her by striking her head several times and running over her body with his truck.

For the victim's family this was a day they've been waiting for, for more than 3-decades.

"Now I know that Rita's looking down this day saying it's been done, justice has prevailed and I can rest in peace", said Maxine Cross, Rita St. Peter's sister.

Mercier showed no remorse and took no responsibility for the crime that happened 32-years ago.

He was the suspect soon after the 20-year old woman's body was found off a campground road in Anson back in 1980. It wasn't until recently that police were able to match DNA on a cigarette found at the scene with DNA taken from the victim's body.

Rita St. Peter's sister says she and other relatives never gave up hope that justice would be served and now they have some peace.

"There is closure but there will always be pain. It takes a long time to get over this. Its been 32 years and he's had his life free and she never got to live it and the sad part is to leave her daughter behind", she said.

Investigators with Maine State Police say they never give up on cold cases, no matter how old they are. The outcome in the case should provide hope to other families out there still waiting for justice and some sense of closure.

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