BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) Tom Brokaw of NBC News was in Maine on this Pearl Harbor Day, talking about the lessons we can learn from history that can shape our lives today.

The former anchor of NBC Nightly Newsis the author of a popular book about World War Two veterans called "The Greatest Generation." Brokaw tells NEWS CENTER that even though we are losing that generation at a rapid clip, they won't be forgotten. In addition to hiw own book, he cites the World War II Museum in New Orleans, the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC, and films such as Ken Burns' PBS series on the war as evidence that the story lives on. He says it allows today's Americans to express their gratitude for those who came before us.

Brokaw says there is much we can learn about the past that affects our lives today. He says "This country was built on a pluralistic society. I'm just reading Jon Meacham's wonderful new book about Jefferson. If you haven't seen (the movie) 'Lincoln,' you should go see that.

"Those are two great examples of the forefathers who found ways to get things done by giving up a little here and gaining some over there. That's what the country wants. The big message of this campaign was 'find a way to talk to each other. Get something done.'"

Brokaw was in Maine to do a story on Senator-elect Angus King. It is expected to air on NBC Nightly News in early January.

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