BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The second major snow storm of the season dropped more than a foot of snow around Bangor. Residents woke up to a blanket of white and had to dig themselves out.

Bangor resident Mark Roth said, "This year, so far, I think we had more than we had all last year."

Last winter the area saw barely any snow and some thought it would be repeated this year, or they hoped.

Roth said, "I always go into the winter with the idea that we aren't going to have any snow or at least that's my fantasy. And as we get into December and the end December I keep on thinking that. Well I guess I was wrong."

There are others, however, that enjoy the fresh snow even if it meant a little extra work this morning.

Lifelong Mainer Harry Dyer described shoveling as an awful lot of work, but said the snow is worth it. Dyer said,"I enjoy it. I like going down to the park and sitting there. Sit on a bench, it gets cold, but I don't mind it a bit."

Children of course were called to help shovel the driveways and eight year old Zach along with his sister Chase gladly helped.

Zach admitted there was a reason for the eagerness to help, "We are going to make a snow fort and that's it. And we are going to go sledding...go down a little hill leading to a gigantic hill. "

Many neighbors did lend a helping hand to help get the job done a little faster.

Roth said, Anybody who has a snow blower will just go down to the corner...and clear the sidewalks and just go back and do their own. So it's a nice feeling to see that people really take care of each other."

Old Man Winter seemed to make his presence known this week and there will be a lot more snow to enjoy.

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