BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Bangor Police have answered over a dozen calls from women saying their purses were snatched from their shopping carts. Police are urging women to keep a close eye on their belongings when shopping. For the victims, however, the theft is only the beginning.

Phyllis Moore of Dover had her purse stolen while shopping in Bangor. Moore said, "I had no cell phone, no keys to my car, nothing. I was there with no money, no credit cards, nothing...people came and stole my life out of my pocketbook. and then I'm left with this mess to clean up."

Moore was shopping at a local crafts store when she noticed her purse was missing. She was one of three victims within only a few hours Monday.

There have been nearly a dozen incidences since December 1st.

Sergeant Paul Edwards with Bangor Police said, "All women victims. [They]turn around for a split second and takes her attention away from the cart with their purse in the cart it's being snatched."

According to Edwards,police have collected enough photographic evidence to solve the case and are waiting for some of the victims to participate in a line up to identity the thief or thieves.

Edwards said, "It's just going to take time to sort through it all. We will catch someone in this case. Somebody will be charged in the case I'm certain of it."

For Moore, waiting is one of the hardest parts. "I was sick to my stomach. All last night and even this morning I was so sick to my stomach I couldn't eat...You don't know how long this is going to go on because they have all your information."

Moore was able to recover her cell phone which was found forty-five minutes outside of Bangor. Her purse, wallet, and other items are still missing.

If anyone has information about these purse snatchings they are urged to call the Bangor Police Department at 947-7382. If you want to remain anonymous press 6 to reach the tip line.

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