PHOENIX (KPNX) -How did Jodi Arias kill Travis Alexander?

Did she shoot him first and then stab him, as he fought her off, before slitting his throat?

Or did she shoot him in the forehead after he died?

The prosecutor and a defense attorney in the case danced around theories in Arizona's Maricopa County Superior Court on Tuesday as they questioned the medical examiner who performed the Alexander autopsy.

It was the trial's third day of testimony and one of the most gruesome trial hearings in recent memory.

If Alexander was shot last as a coup de grace, it would damage the defense's argument for self-defense and bolster the prosecution's allegation of premeditation.

Outwardly, Alexander, 30, was a devout Mormon who worked as a motivational speaker for a company that sold insurance against lawsuits. He and Arias had dated for several months in 2006 and 2007 but broke up. He described her as a stalker to his friends, but he secretly kept seeing her for sexual trysts.

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