PINELLAS COUNTY, Florida (WFLA) -It's not everyday you see a house moving down the road, much less a community's very first home built more than 100 years ago.

Slow and steady, inch by inch down a normally busy street, the crew from a-team structural moving engineers have a big job.

They loaded an entire home was loaded on top of a trailer for the short ride through Pass-A-Grille, Florida.

The moving of the house is more than just a spectacle for the people of Pass-A-Grille it's all about their community.

The home's owner, Carl Hollenback, is excited to keep the history alive.

The house was built in 1886 by Zephaniah Phillips, a Union Army veteran who was the first permanent settler on Pass-A-Grille Island.

"It's been here for 100 years they must have done some thing right back then," Hollenback says.

The historical home was given to Hollenback when its owners decided to use the original lot for new construction.

He just had to pay for the move.

The plan is to keep it a residential structure.

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