PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The Kennebunk prostitution case is back in the national spotlight. A report on it was aired on the NBC Today show this morning and an article about it is featured in the latest edition of Vanity Fair magazine.

The article questions why Alexis Wright would video record her sexual encounters and why there were so many detailed records kept about clients. The article speculates there would be an extortion attempt down the road.

The attorney for Mark Strong, the man accused of helping Wright set up those video cameras, says there is no evidence of that that he's seen.

"The idea that there may be extortion involved is pure speculation. There's absolutely no evidence to support that. I mean that kind of thing. It's accurate that they have that opinion, it's accurate that maybe it's speculation, but there's no evidence to support it", said Dan Lilley.

Lilley says he doesn't take issue with the Vanity Fair article because it states that opinion is based on speculation. Lilley made the comments during an interview that appeared on the Today show.

In other comments that didn't air in the report, Lilley spoke of Mark Strong's trial which scheduled to begin in 2-weeks. He said Strong is having difficulty trying to mount the kind of defense needed to take on the government. He likened it to David taking on Goliath only David doesn't have a rock in his sling.

"If it's a three week trial as they're predicting, this kind of defense is something he just doesn't have the finances to mount. So we're in a dilemma of going forward in this case as to how we're going to be able to mount a defense against essentially a government that has unlimited resources", he said.

Mark Strong's trial is scheduled to begin on January 22nd. Alexis Wright's case has been placed on the May trial list.

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