Some of the questions and answers we did tonight:

Question from Kait: How do you put pictures on Instagram that you haven't taken? Do you have to screenshot them or is there a way to "share" pictures from outside Instagram onto Instagram?

Answer: You want to get them into your phones camera roll first. So either email them yourself or download them from wherever your getting them from. From there it's actually pretty easy. Go to the app as if you had taken a picture, then look for poloraid type icon on the right of the button where you snap the photo. That will access your camera roll, then you can choose and edit the image you want and upload.

Question from Brenda: I have a twitter account and I follow just a few news twitterers but I am really confused on how it works.
When you watch TV and they say "tweet hashtag "something" the dress about the awards the other you have to put @ something then the #???

Answer: The Hashtag is a trending topic, or a way to participate in a global conversation with others on Twitter. Most of the time you need to put the pund sign in front of the words you're using to participate. For example, the Golden Globes were this weekend, so you would have used #GoldenGlobes. You only use the @ sign when you're actually addressing another user like @207TV.

Question from Martha: I would like to know how to block out certain people's statuses because I don't like the language or content popping up on my Facebook updates. I am using an iPad 2.

Answer: This comes up a lot because you don't want to be rude and un-friend someone, but you probably want to hide someone. It's a little harder on the iPad. It's very difficult to do on the app, so my suggestion is to log on with the strait internet app, not the facebook app. Then log on to facebook like you normally would. Find a post from the user you want to hide, and then find this down arrow, it will give you the option to hide this post, then it will give you options on how much you want to see from this person. This is where you can really scale back how many of their posts you see.

Question from Karen: Why does Facebook keep giving me people for friends that I don't request? Why can't I block applications that I don't want?

Answer: Facebook by design wants to connect you to everyone in the world, they will always be suggesting friends for you. You can go to one of their lists of suggestions and click off of all their offers, but they will come back with more. My suggestions is to ignore them.

Now for the applications.... To get rid of requests from friends to use apps, go to the apps section under your list of friends. From here you can stop the requests from those friends, but won't block new requests from new friends or new apps. This is where Facebook makes their money so apps are always going to slightly annoy you. To actually remove an app, go to account settings, then apps, and then you'll see a list of apps you might have. From here you can remove them.

Question from John: On the Facebook page next to where the close friends, friends, family, etc are, a small box pops up with numbers. What do these numbers signify?

Answer: Those are your updates from the friends you have on those lists since the last time you logged on. You can click on those lists see the posts and they'll go away.

Question from Maryanne: I am an admitted player of games on Facebook, but am so not a fan of the games posting achievements and other information on the news feed that my "friends" see. I know you can delete these postings from your timeline, but is there a way to not have them post to the news feed?

Answer: You can control who sees those updates in the apps settings.... So go back click on the apps section, and then select "only me" this way it won't post in everyone's news feed... HOWEVER, it will still show in the news ticker which is the little box in the upper right hand side of facebook... But till pass by in a blink.

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