AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Students from the Franklin Alternative School are planning a field trip that will go down in history.

Ten students and three faculty members will be attending the Presidential Inauguration in Washington D.C. next Monday.

"When I found I got picked, I was like...this is going to be amazing," said Destiny Scott, a senior at the Franklin Alternative School.

Their history teacher, Pamela Le, has been wanting to take the trip all semester. She said this class has shown a strong interest in the Presidential election.

"This was enthusiasm, they were really questioning some of the responses," said Le.

"These students are different. This group of kids is exceptional in their interest in history," she said.

When she found out about a lottery process to receive inauguration tickets, she wrote a letter to Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, explaining why her students deserved to go.

She said Pingree's office did not have any available tickets, but the letter was sent to Congressman Michaud's office.

Last Friday, Le heard the good news: they could have the tickets. But they had to raise at least $2,500 dollars.

Le said that left them "36 hours, basically."

But businesses and community members have been stopping in to the school and donating for the field trip.

They not only have the money they need -- but they've received $1,000 more.

A representative from Congressman Michaud's office said he plans to visit the class when he returns to Maine from Washington.

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