MACHIAS, Maine (NEWS CENTER)--Two workers at the Washington County Jail are facing questions for allegedly misusing hundreds of dollars in jail funds.

Jail administrator Robert Gross and clerk Karina Richardson are accused of buying items such as cell phones, movies and even lingerie with money that was supposed to go to inmates.
Washington County Sheriff Donnie Smith asked a lawyer to investigate the matter, and the lawyer's report came out this week.

The report says Administrator Gross used the jail's inmate account to buy a cell phone for himself.

It also says he allowed Richardson to take about a thousand dollars, which she allegedly spent on push-up bras, blouses and even a bridesmaid's dress.

The money in the account comes from the jail's commissary and is supposed to benefit inmates.

Gross claims he needed the cell phone to help him monitor the jail from home. He says he never knew Richardson was buying those kinds of clothes with the money.

The Washington County Commissioners are hearing testimony and will then make some decisions on the matter.

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