NOBLEBORO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A family of five had to run into the cold early this morning as fire destroyed their home in Nobleboro. Fire Chief Ryan Gallagher says the fire was reported around one-thirty this morning at the Baldwin family's mobile home on Starter Drive, off the East Pond Road.

The chief says the family told him the furnace room of the trailer was full of flames when they ran out. Firefighters say there was nothing they could do to save the trailer or a recent addition. The family lost most of their belongings, and also lost a dog in the fire. No people were hurt. The Red Cross and other family members are helping the Baldwin's and their three children.

The state fire investigator was at the scene today and ruled the fire was caused by a malfunction in the furnace.

This is the second major fire in Nobleboro in two weeks. That earlier fire also left five people homeless.A benefit is being held for them this Saturday at the Nobleboro School.

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