ALFRED, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Some major developments today in the Kennebunk Zumba prostitution case.

Jury selection has once again been halted, further delaying the trial from starting. Another motion is before the Maine Supreme Court and many of the charges against Mark Strong have been dismissed.

Justice Nancy Mills dismissed 46 charges invasion of privacy against Strong.He was facing 59 counts, now that is down to just 13 charges of promotion of prostitution.

Strong was asked if he has a sense of relief after the majority of charges against him were dropped.

"I really don't have any feeling now, just kind of numb for a period of time. I just want this to move on", he said.

Strong's attorney Dan Lilley argued that the johns went to the Zumba studio, a commercial building, with the intent to commit a crime. He says they are not provided any privacy under the law.

"Those were charges that didn't make any sense, there's no state law that protects people, gives them privacy when they're committing crimes", Lilley said.

The dismissal of the charges is a big blow to the prosecution's case, so the state is appealing the decision to dismiss the charges to the Maine Supreme Court. Nothing will happen with this case until the high court decides if it will hear the appeal.

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