AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Republicans are reacting with anger at the Education Committee's vote to cut funding from Charter Schools along with Public Schools.

The vote was along party lines with 8 Democrats voting to include the Charter Schools and 5 republicans voting against the recommendation.

Governor LePage left Charter Schools -- such as goodwill-hinkley in Fairfield -- off the list of cuts in his budget. His education commissioner Steven Bowen released a statement blasting the committees action, saying by targeting the only 2 charter schools in their first year of operation it sends a message that Democrats want Charter schools to fail.

Governor Lepage says he won't stand for it:
"I will tell you that, that is not going to survive. I'm gonna veto that and they're going back to work. We've got to put our children first. We have to provide them with the same education that I received and that Justin Alfond received. Everybody has to have a choice where they go to school and have the best possible education we can afford. "

The head of one of the Charter Schools isn't bothered by the vote. Glen Cummings executive Director of the Academy of Maine Sciences at Goodwill-Hinckley submitted a letter to the committee saying he recognizes the need for both Public and Charter Schools to absorb the effect of the curtailment.

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