BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Despite the inclement weather, hundreds of fathers and their daughters danced the night away at the annual Father-Daughter Dance at the Bangor Civic Center.

Organizers of the dance say they decided not to cancel the event because they believed the dance would be over by the time the major portion of the storm reached Bangor.

So hundreds of girls donned their best dresses and sparkly shoes to dance to some of their favorite songs on the dance floor. Many of them say it's an opportunity to spend time with their dads.

"My dad is usually at work a lot, so sometimes he's not at home very much so I get to spend a whole night with him," says Brielle Biehn.

The dads agree. "I just want them to know it's important for our relationship and to treat them like little ladies and make it special for them," says Scott Lavoie.

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