OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine(NEWS CENTER) -- High tide Saturday morning was a concern for many in Old Orchard Beach during the height of the snowstorm.

Waves were crashing into the pier during and after high tide. Nearby residents reported the water came right up to where the beach meets the road, but there was no spill over or widespread flooding on nearby streets.

Heavy snow and driving winds made travel difficult in Old Orchard Beach all day Saturday. The few cars that were on the road somehow made their way down to the pier to check out the waves.

"It's pretty crazy out here," Old Orchard Beach resident Alex Woodworth-Beck said. "I come to the beach every night, and this is the craziest I've seen it by far."

The high winds created massive snow drifts near the ocean, which might have helped prevent any widespread flooding.

People in town who did venture out during the storm said while it did dump a record amount of snow in some places, it was nothing they couldn't handle.

"We've seen this before. It's like the days of old. We've been lucky we haven't had a lot of bad storms like this in the past few years," Old Orchard Beach resident George MacDonald said.

While the snow winded down late in the afternoon Saturday, the widespread cleanup effort was expected to get underway Sunday.

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