PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- After several days of clean up and snow removal from the last weekend's blizzard, crews were back on the roads today.

Portland Public Services crews treated the road's this morning with salt and sand, but the storm still created slick spots around the city. The heavy, steady winds made it challenging for crews to keep the snow off of the roads. The colder temperatures tonight are expected to create some icy conditions, so crews will be out salting and sanding again. But Portland Public Services Director Mike Bobinksy says in some ways, the cold and wind will actually work to their advantage.

"We're also going to take advantage of some of this wind that will actually dry up the pavement," Bobonsky said."Earlier this morning we treated the roads with the salt sand mixture, mostly salt on the main roads, and as this wind picks up it will actually work toward some drying effect."

Bobinsky also says the city's snow removal are just about wrapped up. He says crews removed snow from about seventy streets over about twenty four hours. The city added a new snow dumping location at the bottom of Cutter Street in the East End to deal with all the snow in that section of town.

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