LAS VEGAS, Nevada (KSNV) -African American leaders in Las Vegas are trying to pass the torch to younger ones, instilling in them life skills and a glimpse into Black History as it is being celebrated this month.

The history of African Americans was a very important part of what organizers of the African American Youth Leadership Summit wanted to expose teenagers to from high schools across Las Vegas at the West Las Vegas Library.

Students were shown a film that exposed them to the civil rights movement, and other important parts of African American history and for Andrea Cavaco, that was very eye-opening.

"It was like heartbreaking to see it because I wouldn't want to see anyone go through that, I just can't imagine," Cavaco said.

But now she is aware of her history.

"I didn't know we, like African Americans went through that much so it was different for me because I had never actually seen pictures or anything," Cavaco said.

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