BANGOR,Maine (NEWS CENTER)--Governor Lepage has been emphasizing the value of a technical education for Maine students because he says there are jobs out there that students don't have the education and training for. That it one of the main reasons why Beal College began a new 2 year associates degree welding program this year.

The first year course has 37 students enrolled. Thewelding course started in January and there's already people on a waiting list. Program Director Jessie Crosby says Beal created the program to meet a growing need for welders by Maine businesses.

Crosby says,"If they are not a book learner let's say. They are gonna get a lot of book work here but there is a lot of hands on aspect to this. It seems to engage them more and they seem to learn better when when they are doing that hands on aspect of things."

The Maine Department of Labor posts on its website that starting Welders can make between 31 and 50 thousand dollars a year.

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