SEABROOK, N.H. (NEWS CENTER) -- Wind and solar power are billed as clean energy, but they're not always reliable, since the sun goes down and the wind doesn't always blow. The solution is storing that renewable energy when its plentiful so it can be used later.

The Seabrook, New Hamsphire company SustainX believes its found a way to do just that using compressed air.

Just like when you let a balloon go and it flies around the room, decompressing air lets lots of energy out. But compressing the air in the first place gives off heat, and that can be a waste of energy if its not harnessed. SustainX captures the heat in water, allowing it to be used to power the process of letting the energy out when it's needed.

Dax Kepshire, a co-founder and Vice President of SustainX said, "We want to make wind and solar power more reliable, predictable, ultimately much more valuable as one application."

SustainX is now taking orders for its commercial machines and hopes to have some in the field next year.

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