OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma (KFOR) -A flash mob erupted Monday night right outside security at Oklahoma City's Will Rogers World Airport.

Flash mobs are usually just to entertain but these dancers actually had a very special purpose.

They were there to welcome home Austin Spitler who had been on a church mission trip for two years.

He was only able to communicate with his girlfriend by letter or e-mail.

Brittany Jones knew just the way to welcome him home as she came out of the middle of the flash mob.

"I've waited two long years for you. I'd wait an eternity to have you as my husband. Will you marry me?" she said.

Spitler said yes but just moments after hugging his fiancee, he walked away to retrieve the ring he had tucked in his backpack.

And not to be outdone, he also got down on one knee.

"I love you. Will you marry me?" Spitler asked Jones.

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