Old Town, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Fireworks dealers in the state who have invested thousands of dollars in new businesses are a little nervous about a bill introduced in the legislature. The bill would essentially repeal the law permitting the sale, purchase and use of consumer fireworks.

Will Sewall is co-owner of Short Fuse Fireworks in Old Town. Sewall says the bill introduced in the Criminal Justice-Public Safety Committee has made all of the owners in the Consumer fireworks sales business uneasy. He says that's around 17 stores and 200 employees around the state.

Sewall said,"Honestly I'd be devastated. I'm all in on this. I'm 25 years old, I opened this when I was 24 years old with my partner. This is my sole income and put everything in to this. And like I said, it really feels like they are kind of jumping the gun before there is enough information there."

Sewall says he will be making a trip to Augusta to voice his opinion on the issue.

Representative Michel LaJoiesays while he is sympathetic to the people who have invested in the new fireworks businesses, he hopes the legislature can find something that will work for everyone.

LaJoie says,"we have to figure something out in my opinion that has to respond to both issues, the small business person who has put money forward and hired people and we also have to consider citizens who have experienced a negative reaction out of the legalization of commercial fireworks. "

Representative Lajoie's bill is expected back before the committee for a work session on Monday, March 18.

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