(NBCNC) -Boeing's troubled 787 Dreamliner may finally get to take flight again.

The Federal Aviation Administration gave preliminary approval Tuesday to a plan to fix the battery problems that have plagued the plane.

Boeing will soon begin testing a redesigned battery for the Dreamliner.

The new battery is designed to minimize the chances of a short circuit, better insulate the cells within the battery and adds a vent to prevent damage if the battery does catch fire.

The newly designed batteries will be installed in a in fire resistant steel box instead of the earlier aluminum ones.

The FAA ordered the worldwide grounding of all 50 of Boeing's 787 Dreamliners on January 16th after there were problems with the plane's batteries on two separate flights.

Analysts estimate Boeing is losing about $200 million a month in delivery payments while spending as much as $1 billion a month to keep the 787's production line running.

The FAA will allow two planes to undergo carefully monitored test flights before the new design is approved.

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