PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Sisters at the Monastery of the Precious Blood took a rare break from their contemplative life to watch events unfold in Vatican City Wednesday.

The sisters normally spend their life in quiet devotion-- offering prayers for whoever needs them. But this afternoon, they say the phone started ringing off the hook as the faithful called their monastery to make sure the sisters didn't miss the papal election.

"He's not a man we we knew of so this is a pure work of prayer through the Holy Spirit helping to select the right person," says Sister Mary Jo. "The first thing he did was ask everyone to pray for him. He's a beautiful man of faith."

The sisters say they will now have masses of thanksgiving in the chapel to welcome the new leader of The Catholic Church.

The Papal Election is especially gratifying for member of the jesuit order... and the many Catholics who received a Jesuit education.

Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope in the history of The Catholic Church.

At Cheverus High School on Wednesday, the news was met with both surprise and excitement.

Seminarian Brett Mclaughlin says because there were so few Jesuits taking part in the conclave, it seemed highly unlikely that a Jesuit would be selected.

"Jesuits don't usually serve as Bishops of Dioceses so were not usually responsible for churches within dioceses. our responsibility is with retreat houses, high schools, within universities."

Mclaughlin says he believes the Jesuits' focus on education and the life of the mind will help bring more young people to the church.

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