PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Jarrod Maxfield from Necessary Technology in Portland stopped by the MORNING REPORT with tips on how to protect and spring clean your PC.

Protect your Computer. These are simple things we can all do in our everyday lives to help protect our computers so disasters don't happen and keep them speedy.

1. If it looks suspicious, it is!! Anything from programs on the net to download to emails. Be careful. Just because it has a brand name on it doesn't mean you can trust it. Research first. Careful of FREE Programs like media players, video converters and games!! Be sure to simply google something before you download it and odds are if it bad it will not be hard to find that information and then avoid it.

2. Backup Backup Backup - I cannot preach this enough. It is much less expensive and less stressful to back up your files ahead of time instead trying to recover them after a failure.

3. Run a paid antivirus. Free gets you what you pay for. Would you hire a security company for your home that is free and sometimes they are there andsometimesthey are not?

4. Use a surge protector and unplug major equipment during severe thunder storms. Although, most power surges actually do not come from lightning but other household equipment.

Spring Cleanup Tips: It is spring and we all think of Spring Cleaning for our homes, cars and offices, but what about the center of our lives, the PC.

1. Free up Space. Clear your cache and temp files. Remove unnecessary or unused software you installed. If you do not know what something is Google it to make sure it is not a system critical file.

2. Defragment your PC - Thisarrangesthe files closer together and will speed things up. Easy and Free to do and will create somenoticeabledifference.

3. Do your updates. Most people avoid updates bc it sometimes can slow down your PC. But those updates are important to fill the holes in your security. This includes Windows updates

4. Dust it out!! Yeah for real, dust can be one of your PCs biggest enemies as it creates excess build up and heat on the components and cancausethem to fail prematurely. Disinfect and wipe down the keyboard and monitor. They get disgusting!!

5. Did I mention Backup?

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