LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Days before he outlines the Governor's biennial education budget before the appropriations committee, Department of Education Commissioner Stephen Bowen explained a new approach to spending, called "targeted education support."

At a press conference in Lewiston High School, Commissioner Bowen said about $10 million would be allocated for programs such as principal and teacher evaluations systems, proficiency-based high school diplomas, college transition and adult education, and Career and Technical Education center certification.

Rather than have schools receive money from a general fund based on a formula, Bowen said the state wants to "make some strategic investments in targeted areas that we thought would have big returns."

Bowensaid the Lewiston School District is a model for the teacher and principal evaluation program, which uses feedback to enhance professional training and development for the faculty.

He also highlighted Lewiston's College for ME program, which enrolls more students in early college courses than almost any other high school in the state.

The Commissioner outlines the Governor's two-year education budget proposal for the appropriations committee on Monday.

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