BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The Great Fire of 1911 destroyed much of Bangor, but there are some structures that survived. One of those being Bangor library. But time has caught up with the building, specifically it's roof. The Bangor library's copperroof in a way is a century old work of art, but leaks are causing it to allow water to destroy the building.

Head of maintenance Terry Bladen said, "It's just frustrating because we are using buckets and plastic to cover books I mean it's throughout the building."

Workers use buckets, rubber bandages, and blue tarps to keep water out, but none of it is working.

Bladen said, "We are trying to protect what makes this building a special place in Bangor."

The fix lies in 3 million dollars. A request the Board of Trustees are asking of the city.

Director of the library Barbara McDade said, "Everyone knows we are in horrible economic times, everyone knows this year's city budget will be a disaster."

According to McDade, experts and contractors agree replacing the copper roof is the best cost-effective option.

"It will last another 85 to 100 years without maintenance on it. If we use some other material to redo the roof and we did look into doing that, we would have to replace it 3 or 4 times that would end up costing more money," said McDade.

Bladen agreed, "You can put patches upon patches and you get to the point where you're putting good money into bad and to me that's just not realistic."

City Council will take up the issue again on March 25th. If the council approves borrowing 3 million dollars it will most likelygo before voters on the June Ballot.

But in the meantime, Zone Radio plans to help raise money to replace the copper roof with their Copper for Change Campaign. They will be placing plastic jugs around area businesses-- and plan to match what they raise.

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