SANFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- York County Food Rescue, a non-profit that provided 1.2 million pounds of food to county food pantries and soup kitchens last year, is in danger of closing.

York County Shelter had given the food rescue free warehouse space for several years in an old mill in Sanford. But that building has now been sold, and the Food Rescue was not able to come to a lease agreement with the new owner.After a year of searching, the food rescue still does not have a space. It needs to be out of the building by April 1.

Program Director Jodi Bissonette said, "I am very very nervous. I've been doing this for 20 years. I've been doing it for York County Food Rescue for 13, and I have never come across this before."

York County Food Rescue serves 43 hunger fighting organizations across York County, and many say they don't know what they'll do if the food rescue has to close.

Kathy Duke of Stone Soup Food Pantry in Biddeford said her organization wouldn't have meat if it weren't for the food rescue. "Every food pantry in York County will tell you the same thing. They're a blessing to have and they work real hard. We need them," she said.

The food rescue needs at least 4,000 square feet with forklift access and room for a 12 pallet freezer. And it can't pay much. If you have something that might work, you can call Jodi Bissonette at 206-2812.

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