AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A legislative committee is considering a bill that supporters say would stop a practice that infringes on people's privacy.

The so called "Geo Tracking" bill would keep police without a warrant from following the movements of people by using the GPS in their cell phones.

Police say the technology is an invaluable tool in helping them solve crimes. They say they already follow strict federal regulations when requesting that kind of information from cell phone companies and the wording of the Maine Bill goes beyond that to the point where it could end up jeopardizing investigations.

"I have a lot more on my plate than snooping around and wondering where you are via your cell phone. I'm trying to solve murder cases, child pornography cases and drug conspiracy cases", said Bill Stokes head of the Attorney General's Criminal Division.

But supporters of the bill say this type of intrusion ought to require a warrant.

"Law enforcement should have a warrant for cell phone tracking data Just like they do for wiretapping and other routines surveillance procedures", said Shenna Bellows of the ACLU of Maine.

The bill does have bipartisan support. It's sponsored by Republican Senator Roger Katz and Co-sponsored by Democratic Representative Michael Carey.

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